I’ve been in the motion picture industry for over twenty years, and out of all the cart manufacturers, Studio Carts have been single handedly the most functional and desirable carts in my experience. They pass every test with flying colors, from mobility and load capacity all the way to looks and customization possibilities. The guys there at Studio Carts know their craft and each cart they create has always been a hit between me and all of my clients. I now only buy carts from them because they are simply the best.

-Terry Meadows

CEO of Cine Power & Light, Inc. and Retired Gaffer


My name is Paul Monroe, I am an IATSE 728 Gaffer and owner of Slik Lighting.
I work on features, commercials, interviews, music videos, etc and I love my job and plan to focus on the art of Lighting for the rest of my career.

My team and I are always trying to find ways to make our jobs easier and more efficient, which is why I bought the the Studio Seven Crate Cart from Studio Carts/Concept Lighting. This one cart has made a huge difference in the workflow for my team. I keep all of my tools, expendables, gels, practical globes, Duv, black wrap, electrical connectors, personal items, dimmers and my flickerbox in the cart and on the move with ease.

This cart is bad ass and makes me feel more professional because of how easy it is to bring my essential Gaffer Kit with me on wheels.

I am slowly buying all of my carts from Studio Carts because when you compare them side by side with similar carts there is No comparison. Quality counts in front of the camera and also behind it.

Thanks  Robert & Alden ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Pedro Castex and Robert Guzman have designed and built what I can only call a brilliant and well thought out trailer . I was presented with a couple of ideas that made sense to me so we agreed to go forward. The result I believe speaks for itself. I am very happy with the interior design of my trailer. In the 30 plus years in the Entertainment industry I based my idea for the trailer off of other trailers that were in use out on the road. Robert and his team took the approach that a simply laid out trailer would give my guys the most organization and ease of inventory access. Today it is a must to be clean and organized with the amount of competition out there. Again the guys at STUDIO CARTS really understood this and executed flawlessly. I would recommend this company to anyone. They are also the people who built all of my rigging carts. Most of which are custom designed.

Thank you again

Ed Tewalt Owner ETRIGGING


KingCOsmall       The story of my first grip truck                                                                     Kings County Grip, Brooklyn, NY

Trailer built by R&T Lift Gate. Carts & Racks by Studio Carts. Grip Equipment by American Grip.
In November of 2013 I called studio carts to get a quote on some carts for my new unbuilt trailer.  Pedro picked up the phone and right away it was clear I was dealing with the correct company.  He talked me through their process, turnaround and even a bit of custom works on a couple of tricky things I wanted on the carts.
At the end of the call I asked Pedro if he knew anybody that could build custom racks for the trailer.  He laughed, “that’s our speciality ! You need to speak to Robert.”   If you’re reading this testimonial here’s what you need to know about Robert Guzman : he owns the company, he’s been in the business practically since birth, either welding steel, designing carts & trucks, renting grip electric gear, or on set, setting up the gear. As a builder Robert is a mad scientist, he’s a fantastic collaborator, his patience, & understanding of a trailer build out is what my project needed  Robert’s attention to detail is off the charts.
By the end of the call I’d decided hands down these were the guys to hire to build out my 45′ x 13′ 6″ grip trailer.
Now here’s the tricky part, I live in Brooklyn, NY and I wasn’t gonna sit in LA and babysit the trailer while we discussed every measurement.  I explained to Robert I was designing the entire truck in a program called sketch up.  And I needed him to learn the program so we could have a reference point to go to as we were separated by 3k miles.  He learned it and over the next 2 months we spoke every day on the phone as he adjusted, made things better and work correctly.  Robert took the original design and brought everything to a higher level.  Strength, design, quality of materials, the powder coat. All top notch. Parts of the trailer that I had trouble sussing out, Robert jumped in and solved it, in particular, the 4’x8′ slide out rack  Robert came up with a design I’ve never seen before, using 300lb rated drawer slides.   He also killed it with the stand corral, I’m still impressed at the welding and design in that area.
Robert promised a 5 week build which he delivered along with the best grip trailer I’ve ever been on.
About a year later we decided to do some custom carts for the trailer. Set carts, 2×3 flag box, dolly parts cart, Apple box / dolly track cart, frame / butterfly / frame rail hardware cart, c stand cart & a mombo combo cart.   Every single one of them custom
and every one came out great.
Not to sound like a cornball, but, after all was said & done I consider the guys from studio carts friends now, which is a great way to round out a pretty big business deal.
Thank You !
Dave Stern  Owner of KCG

BS_sm logoI have known Robert before I started my photography equipment rental company Black Solid, Inc. more than a decade ago. I have been really impressed with the knowledge and the help he has provided me all these years. The carts I have bought from Studio Carts are built to last and they were custom built. Because of the great cart building skills I decided to let Studio Carts build the custom racks in our Sprinter vans. I did spend a lot of time discussing and modifying the racks. With the expertise of Robert and his crew the racks turned out great. Everyone who has used our Sprinters are amazed and compliment us on how well the racks are built and anyone can find anything at one glance. I have even received calls from out of state clients complimenting about the way the racks are built and they want to know where the racks were build. I always tell them if you want the best custom built racks and carts call Studio Carts.

I have been vary happy with the carts and racks built by Studio Carts. I have not had any issues so far. Their quality is the best!!!

Thank you,
Kevin Shrestha
Black Solid, Inc.


James2My name is James Abke and I am a Digital Tech in the stills world. Having worked on both stills and commercial sets, I am always looking for ways to streamline my own setup and look forward to seeing how other guys are tricking out their carts & vehicles.
Robert welcomed me in right away even though I had a very small project at hand. We worked together on a solution and he came back to me with a solution that took things to a whole new level. That project turned into another one, then another. I have made many a trip to see Robert and he always makes time for me and is constantly putting thought into making anything we work on better.
The workmanship is top rate and the price for their work is beyond fair, especially when custom fabrication consumes so much time and energy.
Robert and his crew are my absolute first choice for any custom cart or vehicle fabrication. It’s nice to know there are still guys around who put so much positive energy into their work. I’m a happy customer for sure…
James Abke
en route media inc.
Hollywood CA


FM Grip

My name is Fabian Muga. I’m a Gaffer with over 20 years of experience in the Print, Film & Television Industry. I’m also the sole owner of FM Grip & Lighting, Inc. From experience, I know that having the right equipment is a Top priority.When it was time to purchase a new Head Cart, I knew who to call: Pedro at Studio Carts. I’m extremely impressed with the design and durability of the cart. It’s built tough and very well balanced. It
can fit through any standard doorway but still big enough to carry my M90s. Whether I’m working on top of a mountain or on a location in Downtown LA, I can rely on this cart to carry the load. I look forward to purchasing all of my future carts at Studio Carts!

Fabian Muga


Luka Lighting, studiocarts backstage set carts industry www.studiocarts.com www.backstagecarts.com

“I have to say when I first started wrapping my head around buying new carts for the shop and for our grip trucks I thought that it would be a breeze. Boy was I wrong – dead wrong. There are a handful of manufacturers out there that produce set carts for a multitude of departments and each one touts themselves as being numero uno, that is simply not the case. The clear choice is Alden, Robert & Pedro at Studio Carts. Their Service is second to none & their ability and willingness to adapt to our specific needs is mirrored by no one else, moreover their craftsmanship is reasonably priced. They take care of us and have our inventory on warranty – it only makes sense to choose Studio Carts. Not to mention that they are perfectly located in Sun Valley & right off of the 5 Freeway if Alden can’t swing the delivery. We have more shopping to do – we are far from over & it’s also about that time for them to rack and shelf out a grip truck or two for us…..”
Joshua Luka

Owner of Luka Grip & Lighting


This cart is a dream!
Custom colored for me and delivered as promised and on time. The quality is top notch all the way. High quality welds, smooth finish work and great quality control make this one on the finest carts I’ve purchased for my 48′ Electrical Production Trailer.
After purchasing “Inferior carts” for years, the thought, design, quality and customer service is second to none. Robert at Studio Carts has earned all my business from now on!

Mark Vuille


bluff600x600Here at Bluff Entertainment Lighting we are proud to supply our clients with STUDIO CARTS.  The build quality and size make for a great strong and versatile on set asset that can be used for many different needs. The wheels you put under your equipment are important and failure isn’t an option.  Studio Carts uses the best quality tires and foam to keep your cart rolling, and you can count on the brakes holding when you need them.  We have used carts from many different manufactures and found that STUDIO CARTS have created the most well thought out cart on the market.  From their inventory of stock carts that have been updated with todays needs to fully custom created carts you can count on having the best cart that will last your career.  Service is second to none, we have called after lunch time to buy carts leaving the next morning for a show and have been able to have the order filled that day.  Our First call is always to Studio Carts and with the relationship we have built over the years keeps us coming back for all our cart and Rack needs.  We can’t say enough great things about this company and you will feel the same when you work with Robert, Pedro, and Alden.  Second to none the best experience you will have when working out your cart/rack needs for your needs.  Have an idea for your own carts? Just bring in your ideas and let them come up with an idea that works for you.  Great minds think alike and these ideas when mixed together can create new idea or platforms that we haven’t thought about yet.  Studio Carts has the experience to create those new ideas.

Dwight Andrew Galbraith
Bluff Entertainment Lighting
Div. Pirate Cove Enterprises Inc.
Office: 818.394.9737

Sparta Grip, Studio Carts equipment

“As a key grip, my job depends on gear that won’t let me down. At Studio Carts, I always know that I am purchasing top notch equipment that can take a beating. Studio Carts is always happy and willing to fabricate product customized to my needs. The guys at Studio Carts always back up their work and make a professional and beautiful product that withstands the elements and the rigors of the industry. That’s why I will continue to depend and rely on Studio Carts for all my industry needs.”

Stu Brumbaugh – Key Grip
Sparta Grip





When it was time to rack up my Van, I was dumbfounded by the few companies that actually do this kind of work. When I found out  the guys at Studiocarts also racked up vans, I took notice and glad that I did. At the end of the job, I was at awe with the final product, the craftsmanship, detail and perfection. Keep in mind that this whole project was just a visual image in my brain; so how do I bring it to life ? Well knowing that I am hard head to work with, I was impressed with the patience and guidance I got from Robert; mapped out the type of equipment I wanted to carry on my van and to somehow utilize every square inch at our disposal. These guys were incredible, yeah it was an expensive undertaking but well worth it.

Luis Ramos (dba) Astrolux



stage Logo

stageWe have an assortment of Studiocart Products at our stage.  My crews and I agree that our tasks have been made easier. When space and mobility are a factor, carts that function are true logistical collaborators. Reducing set up time and breakdown time, make these carts a true asset to our operations.

Kara Wethington   Director of Operations    Stage This LA and This Warehouse LA


Studio Carts have the best carts in the business. Robert, Alden, and Pedro are true engineers who have years of field experience in grip and studio lighting. That experience shows in the craftsmanship and design of their carts. We at Electro Lighting have had carts custom made and designed by the guys at Studio Carts and they are second to none in design and quality. I came to them with an idea for a cart for some specialty items and they ran with it. The finished product is great and we use them every day in the craziest locations you can imagine. Studio Carts are the best!
-Steve Francis        ElectroLighting.com
 As we finished construction of our Glendale soundstage, we knew that we wanted the best carts in the business to carry our gear. Studiocarts was at the top of the list, and after stopping in and talking to Alden at length, we knew that we had arrived at the right place. The team at Studiocarts have an impressive working knowledge of the industry’s gear, their craftsmanship is second to none, and their customer service is amazing.
Steven Moreno

Studio Carts turned my order around super quick and did an awesome job putting my carts together. They even gave me a loaner cart for the jobs I had while my carts were being put together. Incredible customer service and superior build quality. Nobody does it better than the guys at studio carts.

Chris Walters     Illuminated Productions LLC

Studio Carts has always been my first choice for Geronimo Creek’s equipment carts. Robert and Pedro have been very accommodating with custom work and their designs are always very well thought out.  I would highly recommend them.
                                                                                   -Brett Carleton  Geronimo Creek, Inc.Social-Media-Icon_black